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2020 AAFV Conference Call for Abstracts


2020 AAFV Conference and Labs
(Sessions July 30th & Labs July 31)


Submission Deadline Changed – April 30, 2020

For submission guidelines details follow these links:

AAFV Conference Presentation Solicitation Letter
AAFV Presentation Agreement 

Please note:
AAFV labs instructor spots are filled

AAFV AQUATIC SESSION – Thursday, July 30, 2020

We are soliciting presentations for our Thursday session in the 4 areas listed that we believe of major concern to all fish veterinarians. If you have another topic that you feel would be of interest to fish veterinarians, please send in your submissions. In the above solicitation letter, please note these deadlines and details: AAFV Conference registration requirements, deadlines, abstract details, and additional information for RACE

1. Developing Practices in Fish Medicine: Novel Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Pharmacology & Surgical Techniques

  • This session will focus on applying clinical veterinary techniques to the aquatic patient. Emphasis will be put on novel methods for diagnostic tools or techniques, applications and availability of therapeutics, pharmacology in fish and surgical applications and techniques.

 2. Drug Use in Aquaculture

  • With recent changes to how medications are handled in an aquaculture setting, veterinarians are becoming more involved with medication use and distribution. This session will discuss current therapeutics, legislature and the significant role of veterinarians in aquaculture.

 3. Fish Welfare: Current Topics and Applications to Veterinary Practice

  • Fish welfare is becoming an increasingly prominent issue with the public. Topics of fish welfare are controversial within food and non-food fish sectors AND within our own profession. We are seeking proposals concerning the following topics:
    • o How should the veterinary profession get involved in the discussion of fish welfare?
    • o What is the scientific evidence for needing fish health standards?
    • o What are the moral arguments?
    • o What are the implications?
    • o What are the applications of welfare to clinical veterinary practice?
    • o How can practitioners discuss this topic with their clients?

 4. Molecular Diagnostics – What are they and how do we use them?

  • A new testing approach to disease has made big changes in molecular diagnostics techniques. Using a risk-based approach, how can these testing methods can be employed and interpreted by veterinarians and their clients? Are there better methods for using this testing method?


During our lunch break, we will hold a Town Hall discussion on the current status of fish veterinarians within aquaculture, fisheries, regulatory and pet medicine. We wish to elevate the status of veterinarians as an integral part of all these sectors. Productive discussion will facilitate ideas as to how to promote the role of fish veterinarians and what we can do to eliminate some of the stigmas and overcome hurdles.

Information on the 2020 AAFV Conference and Call for Abstracts has been posted online, on both the AAFV main page and more details under the  2020 AAFV Conference tab.  As information is confirmed for the AAFV Conference, it will be posted online. 

Well over 100 AAFV members attended the joint 2019 AAZV/ExoticsCon Conference and were impressed with the variety/quality of talks (AAFV had standing room only at their talks as AAZV, AEMV, ARAV attendees sat in on our talks also!) and had a great time networking with the 400+ attendees representing the zoo, exotic mammal, reptile and amphibian veterinary disciplines. 


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