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Fish Welfare and Conservation Committee

Welcome to the page for the Welfare and Conservation Committee of the American Association of Fish Veterinarians. Our goal is to address areas in fish welfare and conservation as it pertains to veterinary medicine. This is a broad reach and we can address issues for wild fish, pet fish, those in zoo/aquarium settings and laboratory fish.

 Conservation and Welfare Committee Purposes

  1. To work with AAFV and its stakeholders to address issues of welfare, conservation and habitat protection for aquatic species.
  2. To help AAFV educate the general public and the veterinary community with regard to aquatic species welfare and conservation.
  3. Reach out to and work with, other conservation agencies on behalf of AAFV when aquatic animal welfare and conservation issues are at stake.


Committee Chairman - Dr. Stephen Smith

Committee Members
Dr. Drury Reavill
Dr. Bob Groskin
Dr. Stephen Frattini
Dr. Jack Kottwitz
Dr. Timothy Kniffen