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The American Association of Fish Veterinarians




Who We Are:

The AAFV is an association of North American veterinarians who practice veterinary
medicine on fish - either as part of their traditional practice;
with or alongside their institutional employment;
or as their main species group within their "fish practice".

As with traditional veterinary medicine,
fish medicine practice can be roughly divided into pet fish (eg: ornamental and koi),
wild fisheries/gamefish, baitfish and foodfish (aquaculture production).

Some of our members practice in all areas,
others are more specialized in one or the other.

A central function of this association is to advance the quality and stature
of clinical fish medicine veterinary practice.


Our Mission:

Further the art and science of fish veterinary medicine by enhancing and promoting knowledge, proficiency, professional standards, and viability of fish medicine for veterinarians;


Increase the value, visibility, and acceptance of fish veterinary medicine for our stakeholders; and,


Ultimately, to improve fish, human, and environmental health.