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Updated "Guide to Using, Drugs, Biologics and Other Chemicals in Aquaculture" Now Available

All aquaculture operations have occasional demand for drugs, biologics, and other chemicals.  It is critical that these products are utilized in a manner that is consistent with their intended use, best management practices, and relevant rules and regulations.  A companion treatment calculator is also available in Excel formats.

The Guide was developed by the American Fisheries Society, Fish Culture Section, Working Group on Aquaculture Drugs, Chemicals, and Biologics, as a comprehensive introduction to the use of regulated products in aquaculture and a resource for fish culturists, fish health specialists, veterinarians, and others.

Click here to download the Guide and Treatment Calculator.


Veterinary Feed Directive

Information on the new animal drug regulations to implement the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD), there are links to 5 sites with more information. Click here


FDA Searchable Database for Animal Drugs FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine 

Animal Drugs @ FDA Searchable Database has been Redesigned by the Center for Veterinary Medicine - The database allows "... veterinarians, pet owners, animal producers and others to get information about approved animal drugs by application number, sponsor name, proprietary name, ingredient, application status, dosage form, route, indication and species ... When completed, the new site will also provide a “one-stop shop” for additional information related to approved animal drugs, including: Freedom of Information Summaries; Environmental Assessments; Findings of No Significant Impact; Blue Bird Labels; Green Book reports

The Animal Drugs @ FDA website:


Merck Animal Health and GlobalVetLINK have partnered to develop Aquaflor eVFD's

GlobalVetLINK website

Aquaflor eVFD’s


NAA/NCRAC/USAS have 14 webinars available for viewing. To access these webinars, visit via your desktop computer or mobile device and select "Webinars" from the menu.
Please explore NAA’s webpages to find downloadable publications, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Kids Corner, recipes, video interviews describing aquaculture sustainability and the value and benefits of seafood to human health, and a wealth of additional information. If there is a topic that is missing, please contact the NAA office at 850-216-2400 or



The National Veterinary Accreditation Program (NVAP) Module #28: Significant and Emerging Viral Diseases of Carp, Koi, and Goldfish is now available online.
The link for the module is



Don't have time to read the full article? Read the DRIB!  By Jim Bowker 

How many times have you heard about a project that was underway or you’ve seen a presentation of some really useful information, but you had to wait months or even years to see the results in print? And when was the last time you actually read an entire technical article from front to back? AADAP has developed Drug Research Information Bulletins, or DRIBs. These are 1 - 2 page manuscripts that summarize successful fish drug field effectiveness and target animal safety work. In addition, AADAP is reaching out to others who are doing fish drug work that wouldn’t normally publish in peer-review journals and encouraging them to write a DRIB which will be shared through the AADAP website. All DRIBs are reviewed by internal and external sources before posting.  

Visit the AADAP site for more than 50 AADAP published DRIBs  


NAHMS Aquaculture Studies -Catfish

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