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We are regularily modifying our website to best serve you. Please note: previous documents of importance on our main page will be found on Continuing Education/Veterinary Resources page



 SEPTEMBER 2-6, 2018


Information on ISAAH can be found on the link under "UPCOMING EVENTS, WEBINARS & CONFERENCES" to the bottom left on this page. More information on the AAFV presentations will be posted under the
"2018 AAFV Conference" page



ISAAH Registration - July 13 – after this date registration goes up $130 CAD

Conference Lodging Special Rate, book by August 3

ISAAH Workshop registration – August 3


WAVMA Special Session - Call for Abstracts

“Advances in Clinical Aquatic Veterinary Practice: Servicing Industries & Clients”

 With the increasing global demand for veterinary services by aquaculture industries and aquatic animal owners, we invite you to submit an abstract for an oral presentation that cover important practices, techniques and approaches used in clinical cases and important for clinical medicine and veterinary practice.

Presentations by veterinarians, students, veterinary technicians/nurses or other para-veterinarians are welcome – particularly those that cover routine or new diagnostics, treatments, surgical or other approaches necessary for preventing, controlling and eliminating common or new/emerging diseases.

As this Tuesday, September 4, 2018 Special Session (9:30-12:00 am & 1:00-5:00 pm) is intended for AAVSB/RACE approval, priority will be given to speakers willing to give 30-minute presentations; however, if abstracts for two or more 15-minute presentations dealing with similar subjects are received, they will be included in this session.

Deadline for Abstract Submission is May 31, 2018

When submitting your abstract be sure to indicate this is for the

“WAVMA Special Session”


The 2018 Humane Endings Symposium Call for Abstracts

Abstracts should clearly relate to euthanasia, humane slaughter, or depopulation, or the harmonization of voluntary guidance and regulations for these activities. Examples of submissions of interest include recent research findings; reviews of research in a defined area; discussions of voluntary or regulatory oversight; and efforts or methods for harmonizing recommendations, nationally and internationally.

The Symposium will be held November 2-4 in Rosemont IL.  More information regarding the 2018 Symposium and Call for Abstracts can be found by following the link below (or to the left under Upcoming Events):

 If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact


24th Annual Aquaculture Drug Approval Coordination Workshop
agenda is filling up!
The 24th Annual Aquaculture Drug Approval Coordination Workshop is still a ways off, but we’re lining up a great suite of speakers. Historically, the workshop has been a venue for presentations covering updates on research to support fish drug approvals, the FWS’s INAD program, fish drugs sponsor activities, and things of interest from the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM). 
This year, we plan to have another presentation on Veterinary Feed Directives to address issues that came up last year that the CVM contingent wanted to ensure responses were accurate and correct. In addition, we anticipate locking down a presentation from an FDA Field Inspector on what to expect if you are paid a visit from one of their inspectors to look over your VFD paperwork. As well we have lined up a presentation from the Department of Homeland Security field inspectors who will talk about what types of things they look for when helping you comply with their Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorist System requirements. If you store more than 400 lbs of 35% Perox Aid, you need to enroll in this program to make sure you are complying with storage requirements to minimize the likelihood of a potential terrorist stealing your fish drug.
Sound interesting? Check out the workshop schedule and lodging information. Remember, this will be in Bozeman MT, June 19, 2018, and held in conjunction with the 59th annual Western Fish Disease Workshop. Attend both workshops and get a discounted registration!


Learn about the new and improved NOAA Fisheries website

We are pleased to announce “phase 1” of our new and improved NOAA Fisheries website—

What’s New?
After gathering feedback from our customers and taking a closer look at our web analytics, we are making a dramatic change to our website. Here are some of the highlights:

  • A new look and feel. Our goal is to captivate our visitors and make it easy for users to search and navigate throughout the website.
  • Better organization. We know that users are more often coming to our site to complete a specific task, so we have organized the new site by species, topics, regions, and key tasks.
  • Mobile friendly. Our new design has views that are friendly for desktop, tablet, and smart phone users.
  • Higher-quality content. We are also cleaning out redundant and old content and making sure our content is written in plain language.

What’s Ahead?
Our web transformation is a huge undertaking. Please bear with us during this process. We are migrating 20 separate websites and platforms into one national website to reduce redundant content and make it easier for you to find information without having to jump from website to website.  

Portable Microscope offered by ioLight

 ioLight offers a portable microscope that provides a similar resolution to a lab microscope so you can diagnose fish to see if they are clear of parasites at the water's edge.

The ioLight microscope is used by Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Bayer, The Royal Veterinary College and CEFAS.

Early Diagnosis:
You can help detect unhealthy fish fast and easy!

  • Sea Lice / Salmon Lice.
  • AGD (Amoebic Gill Disease).
  • Gyrodactylus.
  • Myxozoa.
  • Marine Algae. Harmful phytoplankton and zoo-plankton.
  • Ectoparasites in seabream and seabass.
  • Detect pathogen infection in the hetopancreas of shellfish.

You can read more about the portable microscope in aquaculture here The ioLight team are ready to assist

 AAFV 2018 Officers, 2017 Presidential Service Awards,
and 2017 Student Scholarship Awards
listed in JAVMA News




Radiographs courtesy of Dr. Shane Boylan, South Carolina Aquarium





Loan, Grant, Training and Research Programs


Rqst for Applications - NIFA ans USDA: Aqua Research Competitive Grants Program (includes genetics and critical disease issues in aqua)
More information 
Deadline: May 17, 2018, 5PM -EST


Rqst for Applications - HHS
National Institutes of Health and USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture:
Dual Purpose Agricultural Farm Animal/Human Health Research Grant Funding
More information
Deadline Aug 28, 2017/2018


Veterinary Fellowships (8)  - two year training program
Location: University of Florida/IFAS in cooperation with USDA APHIS Veterinary Services
Deadline: June 1, 2018
More information




Aquatic Veterinary Medical Officer
Location:Rockville, MD
Job Description
Deadline: May 31, 2018

New England Aquarium
Associate Veterinarian
Location: Boston & Quincy, MA
Job Description

University of Idaho
Research Nutritionist
Location: Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station
Job Description

University of California-Davis, Department of Medicine and Epidemiology, School of Veterinary Medicine
Tenure-Track Assistant or Associate Professor of Marine Aquaculture Science
Location:UC Davis’s Bodega Marine Laboratory
Job Description
Deadline: Dec 31, 2019 if not already filled

Michigan State University, Colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture and Natural Resource
Assistant or Associate Professor
Location: Michigan State University
Job Description
Deadline: Until position is filled

Virginia Tech, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Professor, Seafood Quality and Safety
Location: Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center
Job  Description

UAPB Aquaculture /Fisheries Center
Research Assoc - Fish Pathology
Job Description - email Dr. Ramena
Deadline: Nov 16 or until filled

UAPB Aquaculture /Fisheries Center
Research Associate (Temporary) – Aquaculture/Seafood Economics and Marketing
Job Description
Deadline: Dec7 or until a suitable applicant is found



2018 International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine
(IAAAM) Meeting and Conference
May 19-23
Long Beach, CA
More info

59th Western Fish Disease Works
June 18-22, 2018
Bozeman, MT

More info

24th Annual Aquaculture Drug Approval Coordination Workshop
June 18-22, 2018
Bozeman, MT
More info

AVMA Convention
July 13-17, 2018
Denver, CO
More info

67th Wildlife Diseases Association (WDA) Annual International Conference
Aug 5-10
St. Augustine, FL
More info

2018 ISAAH

September 2-6, 2018
Charlottetown, PEI, Canada



ExoticsCon 2018
Sept 22-27
Atlanta, GA
More info

50th Annual AAZV with EAZWV/IZW
Oct 6-12
Prague, Czech Republic
More info

2018 Humane Endings Symposium
Nov 2-4, 2018
Rosemont, IL
More info

Gill Health Symposium for Marine Fish
Nov 21-23
More info


April 28 - May 2
London, England

ExoticsCon AAZV
Sept 27-Oct 5
St Louis, MO

23rd Biennial Society of Marine Mammalogy Conference/2nd World Marine Mammal Science Conference
Dec 9-12
Barcelona, Spain

More info